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Job Placement Overseas

What placement opportunities do we offer?

  • We offer native language speakers mainly in universities to teach English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and other various languages. 

  • We also offer native language speakers to teach Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, and many other subjects. 

  • We furnish various education organizations per different requests. 

Why choose a Job Placement overseas?

  • Adapt oneself in a new culture, new environment, new people, and new country.

  • Evaluate oneself in a new culture

  • Explore the unknown

  • Go sightseeing

  • Hone personal skills

  • Improve language proficiency

  • New challenges for the mind

  • Tap into unlimited potential

  • Taste Delicious food

  • Test courage, talent, and wisdom

  • Work, live, and study independently

What can you gain?

  • Acquire confidence, talent, and wisdom.

  • Comparison between countries for personal benefits.

  • Gain teaching experiences in a different country

  • Hone language and living skills

  • Increase maturity of culture inclusive awareness

  • Find new academic interests

  • Open a window for new career paths

  • Personal development

What is the compensation?

  • Free campus clinic visit

  • Free furnished apartment on campus

  • Free health insurance

  • Free on campus Chinese class

  • Free roundtrip flight tickets (one academic year) and up to 3000 RMB annual travel allowance

  • Free utilities 

  • Monthly income from 6000 RMB to 12000 RMB per month for 10 months (universities)

  • Much more for exploring

What is the Application process?
  • Submit the form on the Contact page with any questions you may have

  • You will receive a following email with instructions to attach any necessary files

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