Global Internship Opportunities

What is a global intern?

A global intern is a student who wants to explore opportunities overseas, gain experiences, widen global visions, hone interpersonal, intercultural skills in a country other than their own, and prepare oneself to be the international leaders of the future.

Why a global internship?
  • Adapt oneself in a new culture, new weather, new environment, new people and new country

  • Apply your knowledge and education into practice

  • Collaborate and cooperate with language and culture barriers

  • Evaluate himself/herself in a new system

  • Explore the unknown

  • Go sightseeing

  • Hone interpersonal skills

  • Improve language proficiency

  • New challenges for mind and vision

  • Tap into unlimited potentials

  • Taste delicious food

  • Test courage, talent and wisdom

  • Work, live and study independently

Qualifications for a global internship
  • All Other Liberal Arts Majors Are Welcome

  • English, linguistics, TESOL/TEFL or education majors are preferred

  • Enrolled junior, senior, master or doctoral students

  • GPA 2.5 and above.

  • No criminal record.

  • Qualified for either intern/practicum or study abroad for one semester

  • Permission from your university

  • Cooperation between your university and the Bridge to Success

How to apply for a global internship
  • Submit the form on the Contact page with any questions you may have

  • You will receive a following email with instructions to attach any necessary files

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